General Pest Control Services

Safety is our highest priority for your family, children, pets, and yes –
even your neighbors !!!

Exterior Treatment for Pests

Home perimeter, including three feet up the walls and three to six feet which encompasses:

  • Flower beds and shrubs including window ledges
  • All entry ways
  • Light fixtures
  • Porches
  • Around pools, air conditioners & pool heaters (because of potential rodent and/or fire ant damage)
  • Complete garage interior

We’ll spray any fire ant mounds that you have at no cost, and any areas that that we may find that are of concern, such as wasp nests, animal nests, snakes, moles etc.

Interior Treatment for Pests

We approach the treatment in your home with SAFETY as our most important consideration.
We’ll spray using the safest methods available throughout areas where the insect intruders usually travel.  We will NOT spray – personal effects, toys, clothes, shoes, animal dishes, etc.

If, for any reason, you do not want pest control products in your home we are very flexible.
We’ll spray twice as much outside at no extra cost and – should the need arise – we’ll return at no additional cost and spray the interior at your convenience, or continue the outside program as long as you want.

Attic Treatment for Pests

We’ll treat your attic for rodents, like rats and mice, at no charge and will dust for flying and crawling insects for an economical fee.